The workshops are intended for participants who have an idea that needs to get adopted. Whether the idea is new or existing, for-profit or not-for-profit, a personal mission or a social movement, idea adoption begins by finding early adopters and engaging them in “tell me more” conversations.

Don't be a Protagonist

Don’t be a protagonist. You’re not the main character of the story. Your hero is your customer struggling to reach their goal, and you are their yoda. Everyone has a story. See the struggle through their eyes, and start changing the narrative…

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Storytelling Isn't an Elevator Pitch

Storytelling isn’t an elevator pitch. That metaphor died with the movie Working Girl. It’s about a human connection not trapping someone in an elevator to spew an idea. Be intriguing and start with motive! Start with a logline…..before sharing the rest of the story.

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Make It Their Idea

To accelerate the adoption of an idea, make it their idea. There are three basic questions to get any idea adopted. Does it feel right? Does it make sense? Is it doable? Answer all three by giving your audience a story.

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The Power of Storytelling

Intended for leaders at all levels and entrepreneurs who want to increase their power and presence through logline development and the basics of storytelling.

Uncover the mystery of adoption with intros, convos and presos

Create a logline for your idea

Experiment with engagement words that work and build your personal presence

StoryDraw Team Building

StoryDraw attracts teams who want to increase their collective creativity and collaboration through verbal and visual storytelling. Our drawing and story philosophies build teamwork through experimentation and increases creative mindsets through artistic expression.

Practice how to relax, stop judging and just get started

Learn new techniques to improve written and verbal communication

Have fun with your teammates and remember how to tell a story

Private Workshops

Private workshops are available to propel the launch of strategic change through story campaigns. The experience is tailored based on the motive behind the idea, obstacles to change and the specific needs of the organization.